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Safety improvements on the way for Hamilton intersection

At Monday 24 February’s Infrastructure Operations Committee Meeting, Hamilton City Council elected members decided on the improved layout design for one of the central city’s busiest intersections to help make it safer for all users, including vehicles, pedestrians, and people on bikes.

Funded through Council’s 2021-31 Long-Term Plan, safety improvements will be made at the Collingwood Street/Tristram Street intersection. These upgrades will cater for an expected increase in walking, biking and scootering movements once the new Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) building is complete.
Bringing approximately 700 staff into the central city, the building will increase the need for a more people-friendly intersection with safer crossing points.

Council’s Infrastructure Operations Committee Chair, Councillor Angela O’Leary, said the decision to upgrade the crossing facilities and footpaths around the two-lane roundabout will make it safer and more accessible for everyone. It is the best outcome for what has been a tricky problem to solve.

“I believe the approved concept is not only more cost efficient and will cause less impact on the traffic network but is also supports Council’s Vision Zero that aims to make it safer and more accessible for all users.

“Vision Zero means we will not accept the death or serious injury of any person on our roads and paths. It’s our duty to deliver infrastructure that helps us achieve this goal.” said Councillor O’Leary.

Acting City Transportation Unit Manager Robyn Denton said the safety improvement works will also improve facilities for pedestrians and people on bikes by installing raised pedestrian crossings at each approach to the roundabout.

The existing footpath will be widened and upgraded to a shared path to help move people on bikes away from other traffic using the roundabout.

“The good thing about this concept design is that it includes improving the stretch of Tristram Street between the Thackeray Street and the Ward Street intersections, creating more than a safer roundabout, but a safer transport network.”

“Once complete, these works will help improve the walking and biking network in the area, making it easier and more convenient for people to choose different modes of transport to get around Hamilton.” said Denton.

Project staff will begin engaging with nearby residents and businesses shortly to talk through the proposed layout before finalising the design. Works are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

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