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School and sports communities urged to ‘Park Smarter’

As school and club sports seasons move up a gear, Hamiltonians are being urged to ‘Park Smarter’ around the city’s sports grounds.

Several of Hamilton’s parks have become the focal point for the region’s school and club winter sports, so there is now increased pressure on the parking spaces in the streets surrounding them.

Jason Harrison, Hamilton City Council’s City Transportation Manager, is urging people attending sports matches and tournaments to ‘Park Smarter’ by being courteous and sensible about where you are leaving your vehicle while attending a game.

“The winter sports season does present us with a real challenge in managing parking and vehicle flows around some of our busiest parks,” says Mr Harrison.

“We need to have confidence that the residents in these busy neighbourhoods can get in and out of their properties, and the sports community follows the guidance in our ongoing Park Smarter campaign.”

Mr Harrison says members of the Council’s parking team will be circulating around some of the busiest sports park neighbourhoods to monitor parking, with an initial focus on education.

“Courtesy and forethought are key for the community in supporting us to manage this challenge,” says Mr Harrison.

Inappropriate or illegal parking compromises the safety of other road users and pedestrians and causes congestion. Parking on footpaths also impedes access for people with disabilities, particularly those using mobility scooters.​

The sports community can ease some of the pressure on parking in sports park neighbourhoods by carpooling, walking or cycling to nearby matches, or by leaving enough time to park appropriately nearby and walk to the venue.

The fundamentals of the Park Smarter campaign are that:

  • you park safely at all times
  • you do not park across neighbouring residents’ driveways
  • you do not park your vehicle on broken yellow lines or ‘no stopping’ areas
  • you do not block footpaths, shared paths or cycle lanes
  • you do not park at the end of a cul-de-sac in a way which prevents other vehicles turning
  • you drive cautiously and are aware of cyclists and pedestrians, particularly children
  • if a match ball goes on to the road, it is retrieved by an adult.

If you see someone not parking smartly this winter sports season, please give us a call on 07 838 6699 or email info@hcc.govt.nz

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