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Take note of recent changes to city speed limits

Following changes to speed limits around Hamilton in September, a further round of alterations have been made at different locations across the city.

The latest round of speed limit changes came into effect on 4 November, with the change on Bader St and Willis St (from 50kmh to 30kmhr) taking effect on 11 November.

The changes include a reduction of the speed limit from 50kmh to 30kmh along London St, in the city’s central business district.

The London St speed limit change is part of a larger project to make safety improvements for pedestrians in this area and includes the recent installation of a raised safety pedestrian platform at the intersection of London St and Barton St.

To highlight the changes, new road signs have been installed along with yellow ‘new speed limit’ signs.

This is part of Hamilton City Council’s Speed Management Plan put in place last year, following feedback from the community about where speed was an issue within the city.

City Transportation Network Operations Team Leader Robyn Denton says: “These ongoing speed limit changes around the city are consistent with the new, city-wide approach to speed management.

“By reducing speed limits and helping to reduce speeds on our streets, we are working towards decreasing the number and severity of crashes.”

Locations of speed limit changes:

  • Bader St and Willis St – reduction from 50kmh to 30kmh.
  • London St – reduction from 50kmh to 30kmh.
  • Kay Rd area – reduction from 50kmh to 40kmh.
  • Tea Fields area – reduction from 50kmh to 40kmh.
  • Hector Drive area – reduction from 50kmh to 40kmh.
  • North Pardoa Blvd area – reduction from 50kmh to 40kmh.
  • Webb Dr – increase from 50kmh to 60kmh.
  • Minogue Dr – reduction from 50kmh to 40kmh.

For more information check out the Council’s Speed Management Plan here.

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