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Where should we put bike and scooter parking in Hamilton?

Where should we put Bike and Scooter parking in Hamilton?

Hamilton City Council plans to install new bike and scooter parking facilities, making it easier for people to get around Hamilton and promote more transport choices.

Hamilton City Council Transport and Urban Mobility Programme Delivery Lead Martin Parkes said his team are interested to hear what Hamiltonians need to make it more convenient to bike or scooter around Hamilton – starting with where they would like to park their bike or scooter.

The month-long survey running from 28 February to 28 March 2022 is based off feedback received from community engagement in October and November 2020, which suggested better end-of-trip facilities would encourage more people to bike, scooter, and skate around Hamilton.

The survey involves using an online map that encourages people to drop a pin where they think new parking facilities could be installed, what existing bike and scooter parking facilities they like, and if any existing facilities need improving.

“It’s super easy and gives you an idea of just how many parking facilities we already have in Hamilton – but there’s always room for more!

“Hit the link and it’ll take you to a map of Hamilton. Use the icons at the top of the page to drag onto the map to the bike and scooter parking facility you are referring to, or a new location, and let us know what you think,” said Parkes

Parking facilities include steel lock stands, which can be used for short term use like going to a café, or covered bike parking facilities for longer term use like commuting to work for the day.

Feedback provided through the survey will inform Council’s next instalment of bike and scooter parks throughout Hamilton.

Parkes is a strong believer in providing more options for people to choose different types of transport and said it’s especially important in such a rapidly growing city like Hamilton.

“Different modes of transport play a critical role in supporting our vision of creating a city of 20-minute neighbourhoods – where people can safely get to where they need to go within 20 minutes without the need for a private vehicle,” said Parkes.

Click here and let us know your thoughts before 28 March 2022.

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