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Works to keep our school kids safe

Simple road adjustments near Hamilton schools are helping to improve visibility and safety.

Hamilton City Council has recently changed the colour of some school crossings by applying red surfacing to give drivers visual cues to slow down and pay attention.

“Minor safety improvements like this ensure drivers remain alert and vigilant,” says Hamilton City Council School Travel Co-ordinator Cameron Ward.

“The red surfacing gives the illusion that the road could be raised, encouraging slower speeds,” he says.

The red surfacing (thermoprint) was added to the signalised crossing on Wairere Dr to provide a visual safety boost for Knighton School. Thermoprint has also been applied to the Cambridge Rd pedestrian crossing near SH1, and the Silverdale Normal School pedestrian crossing.

Another improvement is the addition of a left-hand turn arrow and additional signage outside Hamilton West School, encouraging parents to use the ‘kiss and drop’ (quick drop-off area) as a left entry and left exit only.

“Drop off and pick up times are getting busier, posing challenges for schools to ensure the safety of all,” says Silverdale Normal School Principal Michael Harrop.

“Our community is incredibly grateful to Cameron and the team at Hamilton City Council for spending the time to get to know our concerns, see them in action and provide a workable solution – thanks for making a positive difference to our community!” says Mr Harrop.

Work to support safer environments for our children around schools extends to educational campaigns, such as one which targets parents and their driving behaviours at school pick up.

“Through this campaign, we want parents to avoid poor driving behaviours around our schools such as parking on yellow lines, over or in residents’ driveways, up on footpaths or double parking in live lanes – this type of behaviour creates unsafe environments for the kids,” says Mr Ward.

“As adults we all have an important role to play in helping to keep our kids safe.”

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